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Paper Planes

"In 'Change in me', I depart slightly from my typical style to convey the evolving essence within me. As my inaugural artwork of 2024, it symbolizes a profound shift towards embracing the unknown with a rested spirit. The piece encapsulates my determination to pursue joy and fulfilment in all my endeavours. In today's digital age, the incessant demands of social media often weigh heavily, breeding doubts and insecurities that can stifle creativity. Questions about conforming to standards, fitting into predefined molds, and chasing market trends can cloud the creative

process. However, 'Change in me' serves as a declaration to silence these voices. In 2024, my intention is clear: to create without inhibition, to revel in the process, and to prioritise my own happiness above external expectations. The painting embodies this resolve, offering a visual testament to the liberation found in relinquishing the need for validation and simply allowing creativity to flow. Through bold strokes and vibrant hues, this piece of mine celebrates the beauty of self-discovery and the transformative power of embracing one's authentic voice. It invites viewers to join me on a journey of liberation, where the pursuit of joy reigns supreme and the only standard worth adhering to is that of personal fulfilment.


All original artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity and special note from the artist.

Change In Me



Dimensions  : 14 x 18 inches 

Mixed media on Canvas  : Acrylics, Spray Paints, Pastels, Markers, Oil Pastels and Oils

Price is in USD


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