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Paper Planes

One of the Artworks of my ocean series “Calm my soul”


“Depths” speaks to my longing for the familiar waters of my homeland and my appreciation for the ever-changing seascape that now surrounds me. Coming from the land of beautiful backwaters-Kerala, I have always been drawn to the calm and peace of the water surrounding me. The textures and techniques used in the artwork evoke a tactile quality, almost imitating the sensation of waves caressing the shore and breezes whispering across the water's surface. Swirls and undulating patterns create a sense of movement and dynamism, hoping to invite viewers to immerse themselves in the rhythmic dance of the ocean. As the eye navigates the canvas, it encounters subtle hints of marine life lurking beneath the surface — shadowy silhouettes of elusive creatures and delicate coral formations. These serve as a reminder of the vast diversity and hidden wonders that lie beneath the ocean's facade. Subtle hints of white foam and shimmering gold accents possibly highlights the transformative power of water – its ability to cleanse, heal, and inspire.


All original artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity and special note from the artist.




Dimensions  : 36 x 36 inches 

Mixed media on Canvas  : Acrylics, Spray Paints, Acrylic inks, Texture mediums

Price is in USD


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