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Paper Planes

"Horizon, " a captivating piece from the ocean series "Calm My Soul" serves as a visual hymn to new beginnings and the infinite possibilities. I have made the canvas come alive with the dynamic interplay of various hues and shades of blue, echoing the ever shifting moods of the ocean. From the tranquil cerulean of calm waters to the deep indigo of uncharted depths, each colour carries its own symbolic weight. A burst of bright gold radiates from one corner of the canvas illuminating the image. Like the first light of dawn breaking on the horizon, this golden accent is my way of picturing the dawn of a new day, filled with promise, hope, and limitless possibilities. In the day to day grind its often easy to forget that in the large scale of the universe we are but occupying a very small part and that challenges that we come across are actually just opening our eyes to new options and changes. I believe that through this work I can help illuminate and brighten the day for a weary soul.


All original artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity and special note from the artist.




Dimensions  : 36 x 36 inches 

Mixed media on Canvas  : Acrylics, Spray Paints, Acrylic inks, Texture mediums

Price is in USD


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