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Paper Planes

In contrast to my usual vibrant subjects, "In your Light" is set in an almost dream like setting almost like it is a realm where reality blurs with imagination, where possibilities are infinite, and where one can find solace and inspiration in the depths of their own soul. The disproportionate size of the flower held in the subject's hand acts as a visual metaphor, suggesting that sometimes self-realizations can be monumental, reshaping perspectives and expanding the boundaries

of one's understanding. It is a representation of the transformative power of self-awareness and inner illumination. As rightly said by Aristotle " Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom", this piece of mine is an invitation to turn inwards and be illuminated by your personal light.


All original artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity and special note from the artist.

In Your Light



Dimensions  : 14 x 18 inches 

Mixed media on Canvas  : Acrylics, Spray Paints, Pastels, Markers, Oil Pastels and Oils

Price is in USD


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